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Shared by Annette • August 10, 2023

✨ Features & Improvements

  • 💶 💷 💴You can now sell event tickets in your local currency
  • 📧 Customize the registration and reminder emails
  • ⚡ Zapier update - you can now pass data from custom registration fields
  • 👍 Chat reactions are now available on the iOS app
  • Schedule menu for multi-session events now auto-scrolls to the current live session
  • Revamped the "join stage" button
  • Added a "highlight on hover" feature when selecting which part of the stage to invite a guest to
  • Improved UX for Patrons registering when a host's Patreon account is disconnected
  • Replace MP4 file upload size has been increased to 12GB

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the session title in the 10-minute reminder emails
  • Fixed an issue that prevented event-level co-hosts from going live in a session