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Limit the available seats for your event

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Shared by Annette • August 10, 2023

✨ Features & Improvements

  • ⛔️ You can now set a maximum number of "seats" for your event
  • 📧 Send a test email of edited templates to any email address in your organization
  • 🎥 Co-hosts no longer have to be on stage to start an event
  • Made improvements in uploading images
  • Improved UX of using tile controls
  • Improved emoji reactions on mobile browser
  • Added the ability to revert email templates back to the original text
  • Implemented auto-save for the email attendee feature
  • Improved event stage and roles
  • Reversed order of custom registration fields to reflect order of upload

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug around attendees being removed from the greenroom
  • Fixed a layout issue in the Q&A section
  • Fixed an issue that caused only audio to come through to the stage
  • Fixed an issue with joining the stages while sharing media
  • Fixed an issue with changing non-attendee roles back to attendee role
  • Fixed a bug that caused a few areas in the event form to disappear when reopening to edit
  • Fixed an issue with multiple tiles appearing on the stage and icons of uninvited users
  • Fixed an issue with using certain discount code amounts
  • Fixed an issue with cropping of event and channel photos
  • Fixed missing session title from follower notification email
  • Fixed an issue with open stage feature
  • Fixed an issue with layout when adding a long URL to the event description